18 August 2008

Well chuffed!

I have been a huge fan of the "Lu 'n Am" blog spot for a while now. (As you may remember, Lucie "Lu", is the person who goaded me into starting my own blog.) Their site is full of tips on living an affordable, sustainable, and green lifestyle. It is inspiring to an "old dog" like me to see the "younger generation" take up the banner for the environment. So imagine how honoured I was when they asked me to join their blog as a regular contributor! Well, I was "well chuffed" indeed!

Now I am feeling the pressure... I am not sure exactly what else I can contribute to their blog as they are so innovative and creative in their quest to live in a green way. But I will do my best to help "fight the good fight".
On an unrelated note...I will be having my first organic baby shower on Thursday of this week at the fabulous Nature Kids Mercantile. So stay tuned for photos from the fun-filled event!


Jen said...

Congratulations!! I can't wait to hear about the shower.

A Roller Girl said...

eep! i wish i could make the shower! i'm happy that you've joined us and know you have plenty to contribute!

also, i can't wait for a surprise visit from you and lu!

lu-n-am said...

oh, so a friend of mine was telling me about this contest for busy, green-minded mothers, and i thought it'd be perfect for you!


check it out. good money is involved for the winner!