20 July 2009

Joubert Syndrome Conference

Tilly in the outfit we won at the conference silent auction
The embroidery is from the Joubert Syndrome logo:
"The Faith to believe, the Hope to dream, and the Love to see it through"

Sorry it has been so long since my last update... just got back from my first Joubert Syndrome Foundation conference in Cincinnati and wow! I have never been so inspired and comforted. It was amazing to be in a room full of people that truly know what you are going through! I have never felt such unconditional love and acceptance. Both Tilly and I made some amazing new friends who will be with us for the rest of our lives. I am physically and emotionally wiped out but I promise I will post more including great info I learned and some photos! Until then, take care!

01 July 2009

Hello darlin', it's been a long time...

I am sorry for the long leave of absence...my life has taken some very unexpected twists and turns in the last month/six weeks. I took some time to work through things and I believe I am back on track. I know that I am speaking a bit in code; however, I don't want to say too much as things on the 'net are always "out there" and can sometimes come back to haunt you. Suffice to say that I am mending a broken heart and though the finality of the relationship ending was a bit surreal, I am truly finding the rainbow after the thunderstorm....

One of the biggest things I have decided is to eliminate all the negativity from my life. I am making better choices as to whom I spend my time with and I am so much happier. I am also choosing to ignore attempts to drag me down. The past is truly the past and I am moving forward. No reason to get stuck on the hamster wheel of analyzing, worrying and wondering. Everything happens for a reason. I know that there is a plan for me that though I may not understand, is being revealed. Oh and karma is alive and well, too! :)

The beauty of my situation is that I have really bonded with some amazingly strong women who I am so very lucky to call friends now. These are women who are not only smart, funny, and such positive human beings but whom are also incredible mothers with like values. (J: I can't believe you actually used the term "stepford mothers"!!!)

It's a new beginning...for Fiona, for Tilly, and for myself... we are embracing the change - new experiences, new friendships, new environments. What a beautiful time it truly is!