05 November 2009

parting is such sweet sorrow

after some consideration, I am "shutting down" this blog. it's been ages since I actually updated and with my hectic life, sitting down to blog is just another thing on my way too long "to do" list. friends and family can keep in touch via facebook.


LeeAnne said...

I'm sorry to hear this!! Will you keep the blog up and online for a while, just not updating, or are you going to take it offline? Let me know if it's totally going away, because there are some posts I'd like to copy first. Thanks!!

The Roller Girl said...

too sad, kimberly.

Going Crunchy said...

Aw, sorry to see that! I have ups and downs in blogging....if you subscribe to the "blog when ya wanna" club it makes it easier on yourself. Take care!