03 May 2009

Future Hope Project

Sorry I have been away so long...I will get caught up this week with some great blogs to come - our holiday in Disney, Fiona's eco-friendly 4th birthday, etc. But first, a very important project I MUST share with you.

My friend, GinSpaghetti, is an amazing woman involved in some life saving and awe inspiring projects. I have learned so much and grown by simply reading her blog. She recently shared with her readers a great drive to help mothers in Uganda provide the essentials for their babies, The Future Hope Project. Individuals, schools, and church groups are encouraged to collect care packages.

Items to be collected:

3 cloth diapers
6 diaper pins
2 plastic diaper covers
1 receiving blanket
1 small travel size baby powder
1 pacifier
1 bar of baby soap

All you need to do to participate is the gather the items above and put them in a gallon size zip lock bag, include $5.00 to help with shipping charges. To learn more about the organization please visit their site. I whole-heartedly support their efforts and will be taking both of my girls to purchase items to help.

As if you need any other incentive, both Gin and her friend, Abbie, are running contests to encourage participation. By promoting the project and participating, you can be entered to win a $25.00 Barnes and Noble gift card and/or a wonderful item created by the women in Uganda.

I hope you will participate. What a better way to honour your mother or the fact that you are a mother than by providing for a woman in need?


Jen said...

That sounds like an awesome project. I will definitely check it out. I did not have your e-mail address to respond about the coffee cozy. I would love to make you one. Shoot me an e-mail (jenniferhkline at yahoo dot com)with your e-mail address and I will let you know once I have it done.

Abbie H. said...

Thanks so much for posting about the Future Hope Project on your blog and facebook. It's only through people like you that we can get this going and get the essential items in these mother's hands!

I'm going to stay here for a little bit and read your blog some more!!!

Dawn said...

That does sound like a really wonderful project! Thanks for sharing it and I am glad you are back~


GinSpaghetti said...

...finally catching up on blogs! THANK YOU for helping the mothers!!!! We just got pics of the maternity ward .... I'll send them this week so you can see where the babies will be born! :D