01 April 2009

Fi says the darnedest things

Not too long ago, Lu and Amber gifted me with a fabulous book where I have captured some of the inciteful and downright silly things that Fiona has come out with. My friend, LeeAnne, has a great section on her blog devoted to the "wit and wisdom" of her 4 year old, Maggie. Fiona has really started sharing some hilarious things that are on her mind lately so for today's post, I thought I would share. I hope you get a giggle out of them as well. Happy Hump Day!

* When asked whether to give her friend the Cars birthday card featuring Lightening McQueen or the Spiderman card, Fi pointed to the Cars card and exclaimed "That one, John McCain!" (even funnier because we are strictly Obama household!)

* When Daddy told her that she had to follow directions when they got to Ijams Nature Center and no negotiating to stay longer, "No, Dad-dy Negotiator" (to the tune of the Priceline Negotiator jingle).

* As Mummy was driving (apparently too fast) on 640 through the construction ups and downs, "Mummy, this is just like the elephants at Dollywood!"

* This morning when she noticed a worm crawling toward a puddle of water "Mummy, it's like the wormie is going to the beach!"

* Imitating her Daddy's British accent, "We say banana and Daddy's says "Baw-naw-naw", We say "water", Daddy's says "wawter". Daddy calls ladybugs, ladybirds!"

* "Do we ride an escalator up to Heaven or a baligator (elevator)?"

* We now have a jar with a tin foil top with two black ants in them because as mentioned before "ants are our friend" and we can't just have one ant because he would get lonely.

"God is the boss of us because he is beigger than everyone. We have to do what he says. When the hand on God's watch is at the 5, it is snack time."

I would love to hear some of your children's funny sayings, so please share!


GinSpaghetti said...

Too cute! I love the Baw-naw-naw and God's 5:00! She's funny!!! It's 5 soon, what's for snack?!

Jen said...

She is too cute. I am so horrible about writing these things down. They do say the cutest things.

Dawn said...

Oh, so very cute!!!

It's so great to preserve those memories~


Lu. Lu. said...

I LOVE these. I can imagine little Fiona saying these and it makes them even better. I'm glad that you are writing them, it would be too bad to forget some of these.
miss you and love you guys.
let me know if you still want me to help out for Fi's birthday!

Doreen/www.MomGoesGreen.com said...

Well how cute is Fi?!?! VERY, I'd say! I love this post, just because it makes me smile! So, I will give back my two latest favorites:

I asked my son to pick-up his toys before we had to get his sister from school and he responded with a "No! I don't want to!" I immediately gave him the non-verbal 'mommy look' and he jumped up from the floor, put both hands on his hips (like a superhero) and said "Coming right up, pretty mom!" (way to wrap me around his finger!)

Our daughter's kids' club at school was making no-sew fleece blankets for the local chapter of the Ronald McDonald House, for sick children. I was a volunteer mom assisting the kids, and as my daughter was lovingly tying the corners on a blanket, she leaned over to me and whispered: "So mommy... tell me again why we're making blankets for Old MacDonald???" (I nearly fell on the floor!) :)

So there you have it... my contributions! Hope all is well with you, your family and your beautiful girls! Doreen