09 January 2009

parting is such sweet sorrow :(

Happy belated New Year! The Stapletons had a good New Year despite several bouts of illness. Fiona caught a cold and passed it on to her sister. Poor Tilly ended up with RSV - yeck! Thank goodness she avoided a hospital stay and just ended up a bit listless with a very chesty, congested cough.

In the New Year, Marcus and I have vowed to get back to the days of entertaining. We used to have friends over loads before the kids but it seems over the last few years, our lives have changed and our soirees became few and far between. So it was good to get out and socialize this evening.

Mrs. Tracy - the guest of honor!

Tonight Marcus watched Tilly so that Fiona and I (as he dubbed us, the "party girls") could attend a going away party for one of our favourite teachers at Fiona's school. It was with mixed emotions that we attended the gathering. On one hand, we were excited to be spending time with Mrs. Tracy and some of the other nice families at Goddard and yet, the occasion - Tracy's leaving - was very hard for us to accept.

Mrs. Tracy was Fiona's teacher in her previous class. Her sweet nature, positive outlook, and nurturing soul always lit up the room. Under her direction, Fiona truly thrived and grew. It was truly an honor to be included in her send off!

It was nice to be able to chat and get to know some of the other families better as well. We are fortunate that so many fascinating families attend Goddard. Unfortunately, with the craziness of pick up and drop off, we aren't always able to visit properly. Tonight was a great opportunity to mix and mingle. Of course, the kids got along smashingly!

We are thankful for Mrs. Tracy and for the impact she has had on our family. We will truly miss her but are glad that she is just going to North Carolina. We will see her again!

We love Mr. Chad!!

Lisa and little Charley

Nicolas and Ian being SUCH sweet boys!

Fiona and Anabel take a ride

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