06 November 2008

Stay at home Mum, that's me

Sassy, Fiona and Tilly (in baby Bjorn)

It has been another big jump in time since I posted. Tilly is keeping me very busy with feedings, doctor's appointments, therapy sessions and bouts of colic. Life is crazy but I am loving every minute of having her home and being with her!

Today I officially turned in my notice to work that I will not be returning. It was a hard decision to make as like everyone, we are not independently wealthy and these are tough times. But Tilly must come first. Besides her medical challenges, I WANT to be there for her. I don't regret putting Fiona in daycare at 4 months old. Daycare has been great for her - education wise, socially, etc. - and Fiona will remain at her 'school'. However, looking at my grown up Fi, I realize how quickly time passes and how precious all those moments truly are. I don't want to miss them with Tilly.

This is a good thing as I will also be free to be there for my 'big girl', too. I recently went to her Halloween party at school. Simple as that - got in the car and went. No asking for permission. No juggling my meeting schedule around....just being there for my daughter. Boy, was Fiona thrilled to see me walk through the door! As satisfied as I have been in my "career", it didn't hold a candle to seeing her face light up when she saw me.

This is what life is all about. It will be an adjustment but I am prepared to stay busy and productive, connecting with my former work colleagues, friends, and even make some new ones! I am excited to embark on this next stage!

I will leave you with a few recent photos..

Fiona and Tilly - Fi's not impressed with the crying spree

My little Swiss Miss :)


crunchiemummy said...

Awww -- lovely photos! Yes, time does passes quickly and before you know it they are going off to school. Enjoy your time with your children!

Lu. Lu. said...

Lovely post miss Kimberly, I am sure you made the best decision and your little girls will thank you for it one day. I know having my mom at home has been the greatest feeling ever while growing up.
I hope to see you very soon!
p.s. I loved your Lu-n-Am entry.


A Roller Girl said...

congrats, kimberly! i'm sure it was a big decision to make. i know your little ones will be all the happier with their mummy at home with them! :)